Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pictures while inspecting my hive. And lookin' good (the hive, not me)..

So the sun was out today, and I was tired of looking for the elusive yellow jacket's nest. Being that my colony has been hived for almost a month now, I make it a habit to check them on Saturdays to see how they're doing. And as you can see, they're "busy as bees" on the frames. By the way, the powder you see on the top of the frames is pollen substitute. Since I got started so late, I am feeding them pollen, and they're using it too.

For a colony that was mostly dead after being shipped from Georgia in early June (and since I added a queen and some capped brood from Busy Bee Apiaries, you can see that my girls are doing fine. They're good natured and stay busy all day going to and fro the hive. Since I have a creek just below the hive, they get plenty of water, plus I feed them syrup and pollen substitute. A lot of the capped brood has hatched, but look to the right of the frame and you can see that there's more babies waiting to emerge.

Take a look at that frame! Both sides hold larvae, some nectar and pollen. And on the back side, even more capped brood. And her majesty, the queen, is on this side of the frame. Can you see her? Take a really good look and try not to cheat. Still can't see her? HINT: Look almost halfway down and to the far right. See her now? She's encircled by her attendants.

Okay, did you see her without the help of this picture? Take a good look to the left. There she is. You can see some of her green dot, but an even better indicator would be the attendants that have circled her. She is doing a great job!

Inspection is over. Time to put more syrup for the girls. This is a two quart feeder that I made myself. It once held caramel popcorn from Target. I took a picture nail, made tiny holes in the lid, put the syrup in, and put in in the hive. It rests on two pieces of wood for easy access, and then I put the empty hive body back on, then the inner cover and the top..weight it down with a landscaping paver, and all is done. And I have to admit, the girls were in a great mood today, all expect when I brushed the excess pollen off the frames, but other than that, they were fine and barely noticed me.

I am so keeping my fingers crossed that this colony is going to make it though this winter. So far, so good. Every time I inspect the hive, I get a better feeling about it. I think this buch may make it after all!

Until next time, my friends, bee cool!


  1. Just got caught up reading all your posts. It's amazing you decided to stay with it after your disasterous start. I've learned, after a year, that in the spring there are lots of bees available from local beekeepers who are splitting colonies or catching swarms. My problem has been having the boxes in which to hive new colonies. I plan to spend a good bit of time this winter building new hives boxes. I need another super right now. One in my hives (Walter) has already filled 2 this spring.

    To answer your question - no, I don't miss K'ville but I do miss lots of friends we left there. Still visit a lot, but the weather had gotten waaay too hot. The upper-70'S of the mountains suit me much better.

    I'm having trouble adding you to my blog list. Can you create a followers list? I think that might solve the problem. I like to follow blogs of new beekeepers since we all seem to face the same challenges. You'll soon find out, though, beekeeping is very rewarding.

  2. I read this blog first and then the one after. It's amazing to think that poor package of bees is this robust hive. Bless you for not giving up on the girls and trashing the whole thing. The payoff must make you feel really good.

    I think when you get bad business, a blog is a great way to let others know, warn them not to deal with that company. I'm glad you've found a better source of supply.



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