Saturday, August 29, 2009

New blog design!

So it poured rain here today. A slow, steady rain that came at a perfect time because we're in the beginning signs of a drought. I was stuck inside today, the bees were stuck inside today -- so it was just a good time to do something I've wanted to do for awhile -- update my blog design to something with a beekeeping theme.

I found something with a yellow and black bee design (that matches the colors of my Italian girls) and changed around the links and information bar on the right side of the page to remove some of the clutter.

So take a gander of my work that rose from my intense boredom -- and I hope you like it!


PS - My comments link is working again. Feel free to fire away with those comments!


  1. Nifty design!

    Just perused a couple of your earlier postings and they're great.

    I'm just an interloper, not a bee-keeper. Just find that these topics are so interesting and informative so I follow a few of them.

    Cheers, Phil.

    PS: On Sunday 8pm GMT on BBC4 TV there is an hour long article on the decline of colonies world wide. I shall be watching this, as, I hope, will many others. This is a worrying situation for all of us on the planet.

  2. Ok, so now you're just showing off. No, really, I love it and I'm jealous. I may be a great gardener, (it's not bragging if you can do it) and a competent beekeeper, but I don't know how do do this. Looks great!

  3. Lynn - You go beyond being a great beekeeper and gardner, you make some of the best photographs I've ever seen. I guess I just don't have the patience or the artistic ability to capture nice images. Tell you what though, when it slows down this winter, when you decide to update your blog, let me know and we'll "get er done" as Larry the Cable Guy would say. Besides, your blog looks great! It was one of the first I saw when I started blogging! Keep it up!

    Phil - Welcome to my blog and I'm glad you took time to post. Like you, I was fascinated by bees way before I ever got into it as a keeper. The BBC program sounds fascinating and I hope you'll update us all on the content. But please visit my blog any time! And as you guys say...CHEERS!




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