Saturday, September 26, 2009

Old Time Theater - featuring - "Her Majesty, The Queen Bee!"

Let's take a trip back to 1933 and watch an old 35mm film on beekeeping. Its called, "Her Majesty - The Queen Bee!" I have tried to research who made this film and for what reason (I assume it was an educational film) but like many old movies of that time period, it seems no record exists. But it is a pretty cool film is I do say so myself. Its pretty short, almost six minutes, so sit back and relax and let's go to the orange groves with some hard working honey bees!



  1. Hi Mark. What an amazing little film. I especially liked the part on the queen rearing. Busy, little bees! It's raining here again(: this morning and I needed something to cheer me as I can't get in the garden. Thanks.

    So glad you made the decision to go natural. I think it's a good one. My first colony from last year went into the winter very small because of the poor summer conditions, but with feeding turned into a very successful hive this summer. I guess as a beekeeper you just have to have faith. My concern right now is the tremendous amounts of rain we're having. Over 18" last week and predictions of more flooding today. Lot of loss for many in the area.

    One more thing. I learned this week that the Buncombe County Bee School this winter is going to be geared more to the intermediate level beekeeper who is interested in a more organic way of beekeeping. You might be interested. It will be held at Warren Wilson College which is not all that far from you. I'll keep you posted. (Sorry, I didn't mean to write a short novel here.)

  2. Thanks, Cliff!

    I see you're back!

    Welcome home to the beeks!

  3. That's a very interesting video. I never get tired of watching babies hatching.



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