Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally, a splash of autumn color at home this year..

This has been a hectic few weeks for me. Between all the fall festivals here and being ask to participate in this event or that event, I just don't always have time to soak up the atmosphere because I'm so busy. 

But my friend Roy Sawyers, who runs a local blog about area events, captured this picture that I wanted to share. It was made a few miles out of town and shows just how vibrant the colors are this year. We haven't had great colors over the last few years because of a drought here in the Triad, but with a wet spring and a fairly steady summer of rain, the colors finally came out full force this season.

Since I missed my annual fall trek to the mountains of North Carolina this year, I don't feel so bad about it with all the fantastic colors I can see in my own area, and right in my own back yard too.

Happy November, everyone!


  1. Wow, Mark, that really is pretty. Our leaves were gorgeous but short-lived because of all the rain and wind. I always loved the area around Salem Lake at I-40. Do you ever go up to Pilot Mtn.? That was also one of my favorite areas in the fall. Sounds like you've been having a busy season. Hope it's been fun!

  2. That is a great picture! Our colors just passed their peak, but this week promises to be sunny and warm. Hooray for the bees!

  3. Wow! Those colours are so varied they don't look real. Like Lynn, our leaves dropped fairly early so we missed some of the autumn display which can extend well into the season. Beau; your photos are fantastic.

  4. What a spectacular photo of North American fall colours. See all those tropical countries just don't get that kind of colour!

  5. Lynn: Other friends said that you all in the mountains had a short color season this year. Sorry to hear that..especially since a lot of the mountain counties depend on the fall tourist season. I guess we're making up for it here in the Triad since the drought killed out fall colors for the last few years.

    Beau: I dig where you're coming from. Lynn can tell you, North Carolina has been monsoon central for the last few weeks, and I noticed today how my bees were flying around like crazy. They've been cooped up so long they're stretching their wings and seeing new sights! I really enjoyed your pictures too, Beau! They looked great.

    Cliff: I agree, the leaves almost look like they're painted on instead of being in the trees. I'm amazed how nice they look this year. Of course, a big black walnut tree that is behind my house, that was bright yellow, has lost most of its leaves. It won't be long before the rest follow suit.

    Barbara: Good to hear from you! Hope the girls are faring well in their new location!

  6. Oh, how I miss the fall colors. What a great shot by your friend!



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