Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm attending my first beekeeping class!

It looks like I'll be attending my very first class for beekeepers in January. When I went into this thing we all love called beekeeping, I did it after reading books and talking to other beekeepers. I never attended any classes...and that's because I didn't know that any existed in this area. But now I'll get the chance to take an "official" one-day class on the methods of natural beekeeping.

I'm attending the class with my new friend, Jared, of Jared's Adventures In Beekeeping. He's got lots of beekeeping equipment already, he just needs his honey bees. He's already getting set up for this coming spring with all of his equipment at the ready.

The class will be held all day on Saturday, January 9th in Winston Salem at the Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Building.

According to the website: "This one-day workshop will provide a series of lectures on natural approaches to apiary management that don't rely on chemical inputs, as well as hands-on demonstration sessions. Lectures will include the following topics, and more: hive position and construction, supplemental feeding; honey removal, processing and labeling; wax processing; frame and hive storage; hive transition and previous chemical exposure; record keeping. Demonstrations stations will cover the following: - Making 'no foundation' frames; - Using your own cappings wax for foundation; - Making splits for brood comb removal and disease management. These workshops will be particularly beneficial to those interested in participating in CNG's new honey certification program."

The Forsyth County Beekeeper's Association is gearing up for their spring beginner's course which last five Saturday mornings. I wish I lived closer to Winston Salem so I could take this course. If you join the FCBA, attend all the classes and pass all the exams, they're giving away hives...including the bees! And all for $45! Learn something, have some fun, and get goodies too. No wonder their motto is, "We're not bragging, but we're the best!"

ADDENDUM: I've learned that Lynn at Walter Bee, who lives in the North Carolina mountains (and who used to live here in my area) may be attending the natural beekeeping class too! I'm excited about this possibility since Lynn was one of the first people that found my blog, and we've shared a lot of our beekeeping experiences this past year. C'mon down, Lynn! It will be great to see you! 


  1. Oh that's great; I'm excited for you- congrats! Should be neat, especially if you can work towards that CNG label!

  2. I am jealous! There are no classes, clubs, or associations aroung my area. There are a couple of hobbyists in town, one of which is also in his first year. I get all my info from various blogs like yours, Beekeeping for Dummies, and the BeeSource forums. I would love to be able to take a class like that.

  3. Hey Beau: Yeah, I've been keeping it real (real natural) under the hive-top so hopefully I'll be able keep it going. If I decide to sell my honey in the future, I see it as a huge plus to be CNG.

    Gareth: Don't feel bad, this will be my first ever class since I started beekeeping. My county does have a beekeeping association, but it doesn't seem to be very active, plus they hold meetings at night while I'm working. Nearby associations like Forsyth and Guilford counties have very active associations. While I'm attending this class, I'm still learning beekeping by experience and what I learn from the blogs and forums and Beekeeping For Dummies -- so I'm right there with you. Good to hear from you!

  4. Hey cool, Mark. I may be there along with you and Jared. I saw this a couple weeks back and I'm just trying to work out the details of which of my fiends in Kernersville get to entertain me for the weekend.

    This school really appeals to me because of the natural approach. I'm registering today for the Buncombe County bee school at Warren Wilson College. It's also supposed to geared more to the natural beekeeper this year. Yaaay! Lots of folks are finally coming around.

  5. AWESOME, LYNN! C'mon back home to the Piedmont and sit a spell with us! It will be great to hang out and learn some good things! When you know, email and let me know what's shaking. We'll make it fun (plus I'm taking my camera too). Look forward to hearing from you!

  6. Cool! I'd say that you'll have great fun on the course especially if Lynn can make it along.

    Starting with bees was probably the best decision I made in 2009 and has given me so much interest and the chance to make new friends around the world through blogging is the icing on the cake.

  7. That's great Mark if you can meet some another blogger. The course should be really interesting so I hope you'll take notes to share with us on those cold winter days. I'm interested to hear the latest on natural beekeeping.



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