Saturday, January 23, 2010

Check out this new beekeeping forum!

Attention all beekeepers, old and new! There's a new forum in town and it looks like it is gaining popularity fast. You're welcome to visit and join..and that welcome comes via the website administrator himself!

I found out about the new forum through Jared of Jared's Adventure Into Beekeeping. After he told me all about it, I decided to pay the site a visit...and I just couldn't leave until I registered.

While I do like the Bee Source forums, it seems like the same topics are posted over and over again. And at times, some of the information given by fellow beekeepers is downright questionable if not absolutely ludicrous. Like the guy who said he wanted to get out of beekeeping and so he dumped his bees on the ground and tried to wash them away with a garden hose...but then he changed his mind and wanted to know if he could re-hive them. Anyone that stupid should: A) Never touch a bee again, and B) Not show his ignorance to other beekeepers, or C) All of the above. And he wondered why the bees kept stinging him when he went in the yard? Sheesh...

Anyway, a fellow by the nickname of Iddee, who lives right here in my own area of North Carolina, is the site administrator. I used to talk to Iddee on the Bee Source forums when I was more active there...and he sent me a message tonight after I registered. He told me that he started the new forum with 20 members and 200 posts...and was moderator and then became the administrator. Iddee tells me everyone is welcome and they want all sorts of topics and he tells me they are a little strict on foul language, politics, and arguing, but that is just to keep it family friendly. Good move, Iddee. After all, beekeeping is turning into a family affair for many so its got to be on the up and up.

And get their "Beekeeping 101" section, they even have a thread where you can post your blog or website address so other beekeepers can find you. I really like that!

Check it out, I think you'll like it. The new site is simply called Beekeeping Forums and you can click the link to go there. I've also included them in my favorite links to the right side of this blog.

C'mon and register and join in the fun!    

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  1. Thanks for the link Mark. I've registered too. Always nice to see what other beekeepers are talking about. Kind regards.



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