Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lesson learned: Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong...

I've always been told that you never stick your nose where it doesn't belong. It is true and a neighborhood dog learned that lesson the hard way.

My city has a leash law. City law says that you're supposed to have your dogs under control at all times, and that means having them on a leash or in a fence on your own property. And while most of my neighbors do a really good job in following the law, someone around here has been allowing their pooch to run loose, even running around and through my yard. But the wayward canine learned a lesson the hard way at the expense of one of my bees.

The other morning, this mixed-breed mutt came loping into the yard -- first the front and then the back. From the kitchen window, you can easily see my bee hive at the back of the yard. And take a guess where the dog decided to go? You guessed it, it went straight for the bee hive.

The dog, being a little nosey, stuck his snoot right into the reduced entrance of the hive. It didn't take but a few seconds later...but all of a sudden the dog jumped back, ran a few feet in the opposite direction, then put his head on the ground face first and wallowed around. Then he jumped up and bolted out of my yard like he had been shot out of the cannon...and disappeared. I haven't seen him since. Obviously he was amused by the white boxes on the black metal stand. My bees however were not amused by his investigative nature and let him know really fast. 

All of my friends got a big kick out of the story. I do feel sorry for the dog and I hope he's okay. But I do have to admit that its a little funny.

And the moral of this very true story? Never stick your nose where it doesn't belong. And that includes a bee hive!   


  1. Maybe that's a problem solved. Now you won't have to find out who the owner is to ask them to keep their dog leashed. I'm sure the dog won't forget his mistake.

  2. Are you still buried in snow? I can't wait for spring. Getting some more bees too :)

  3. Of the 3 dogs I have two have been repeatedly stung. They learned not to get close to the hives early, but when they chase a bug in the front yard they fail to recognize it as a bee.
    The smart dog has never been stung. She always lays near me when I'm working the bees. In fact she likes to sleep in front of the more defensive hive. The other 2 'dumb' dogs are afraid of the hives and leave her alone. For some reason the bees leave her alone too.



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