Friday, February 26, 2010

My storage building is up, up, and away!

For some of you, you know I've been talking about putting a storage building behind the house for quite awhile. My garage is so jam-packed with stuff, well, I just need more space. I am one of those people that will get something and say, "you know, I might need that sometime" -- and hang on to it. Now I find myself tight on space..and two things must happen; I need a place to store my beekeeping equipment and other things like lawnmowers and lawn equipment..and I'm having one heck of a yard sale this spring. This building will be very convenient since it is mere yards from my bees, so I can keep all of my equipment there.

We have an excellent contractor of storage buildings here in my city. About a month ago, he came over and gave me an estimate which was a really great deal. He told me he could jump on the work now because its winter and business is slow, and while we had it scheduled for a month ago, the winter weather of snow and ice kept setting the start date back. But to my surprise and delight, the work started on Thursday, February 25th, and they're going really fast to have it finished next week. So I thought I would share some of the progress they've made over two days.

They started the building (which is 12x20) at around 11 o'clock on Thursday morning. Here you see the contractor, John Brown, and two of his guys and they dig the footings for the building. What you can't tell in the picture is that the wind was blowing hard..gusts up to 40mph. But after they dug the footings and leveled everything out, they started on the floor.  

This is how it looked by 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon. As you can see, the floor is finished. The guys stopped for the day since the wind was blowing like crazy and the temperature was only 41 degrees. Its days like this that I appreciate my office job and not having to stay outside to make my living. But when summer rolls around, I'll wish I could get outside and curse being inside all the time.

Here it is at 10 o'clock on Friday morning, a little less that 24-hours from the start. Even though the wind was just as bad as Thursday, the guys worked hard to make this much progress. Three of the walls are up now, and it looks like the roof may be on before the end of the day. Once they get the last wall and roof on, then they can put the double doors, windows, and a good paint job on it.

Here's what the inside looks like as of now. I don't have plans to finish the interior walls, after all, its a storage building. But I do plan to have it outfitted for electricity so I can put a heater in it when I'm working in there in winter. And who knows, I may have to put an air conditioner in there so I can cool off on the days I work my hives! And it will have a wireless burglar alarm sensor on it which will work with my home system in case anyone breaks in while I'm asleep or away from home.

More updates later as the progress continues!    


  1. Man I need one of those bad.. Keep the pictures coming I want to see it finished. If you're like me you'll fill it up before the paint dries!

  2. You're going to love having that space for your "stuff." We're doing the same thing in the garden, but, like you, I'm having to wait for the weather to cooperate. Snow yesterday and more coming Tuesday...same old bad song! Can't wait to see yours finished.

    Funny, a man named John Brown built my good friend's house in Kernersville. Wonder if it could be the same person?

  3. What a nice space to have, especially for your beekeeping supplies. Are you going to use the space to extract honey over the summer?

  4. Nice one Mark! Looks like you've been busy over the last few weeks. You'll be so organised for the new season you won't know yourself. Take care :)

    P.S. ditto Steve's comment...

  5. Wow, that looks great! You'll be so pleased. Mine isn't quite that big, but I'm getting it organized and it's nice to have. Congrats!

  6. We're doing the same thing in the garden, but, like you, I'm having to wait for the weather to cooperate.



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