Friday, May 14, 2010

Mark's Silent Screen Classic: "Bees and Spiders" (1927)

Butter up the popcorn and settle in for this silent screen classic titled "Bees and Spiders" -- a vintage educational film from 1927. I really can't tell you much about it other than what I found online which said, "Life history of the bee, the economic value of bees through honeymaking and pollinization, and the habits and appearance of the garden and trap door spider."

While I'm not crazy about spiders (I was bitten by a brown recluse and had to take shots and antibiotics for a month...not to mention the bite wound that basically rotted out) -- I am fascinated by the beekeeping aspect of the movie. And really, there was nothing new or shocking there either, but I'm just excited by the art of beekeeping.

Oh, and check out the young lady at the beginning of the film who walks right up with her smoker, no veil or anything, and opens the hive up and starts pulling a frame. And she's wearing a dress too. I'm scared to death that a bee is going to crawl up the leg of my coveralls -- and she wears a dress! What nerve! 

Again, it is a silent feature, so don't try to adjust the sound on your computer or fiddle with your hearing aid.

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  1. That young lady has no fear! No gloves, no veil, exposed forearms,bees flying. Yikes! At least the swarm catcher dude had a veil. Cool film Mark.



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