Friday, December 10, 2010

You can see my hives from high in the sky thanks to Google!

Well what do you know?  Google has changed their newest satellite maps in my area and now you can actually see the bee hives behind my house!

The older images that Google used before were seriously outdated.  They were really fuzzy and it was tough to make out the details about my area.  But they obviously decided to do an update sometime since mid-March of this year because my outbuilding, which is located at the lower end of my property, was finished when the image was made.

If you click on the photo above, you can see my house as it looks high in the sky.  You can see my house, then my outbuilding -- and just to the upper right of the building -- you see my hives.  And of you look really close, albeit a little fuzzy, you can even make out three bee hives.  I believe the glow from the hives is the sun's reflection from the sheet metal of the hive covers.  And if you look just beyond my hives, you can see the creek that my bees use for their honey and to cool the hives in the hot, humid summer months in North Carolina.

Looking at the image, I have to wonder if that's the view my girls see when they make their orientation flights to learn where home is?  Is that the sight they see when they come home after a long day of foraging?

Google is getting really good with the technology they use these days.  Before you know it, they'll get so good, you'll be able to make out the bees as they come and go from their hives!

If you want to see if you can find your house and even your hives, click on the link above and play around with it.  Its pretty simple to use and fun too.


  1. From Greece and the city in Katerini, my friend and colleague, to watch and I love your site.
    I hope to get many blisters!

  2. I did the satellite thing but we need new shots in my area. I think I can see the hives but it is not clean at all. The garage next door has an extension that is no longer there.
    I prefer your view and space much more than mine.

  3. hey mark, thats a nice view. you can tell you live in a really nice neighborhood and i am guessing your neighbors are cool with your hives being there. any complaints?

  4. Nice shot of the bees home, it puts your stories into greater perspective when you can visualise it better.



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