Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winter just doesn't want to leave...

This past Monday the high temperature here was 84 degrees and the bees couldn't stop bringing in the pollen. And now the various forecasts are calling for the possibility of snow here Sunday and Monday.

Winter truly doesn't want to let go even though the calendar says it is officially spring.


  1. Spring is an accomplished tease. She giggled and spat snow at me earlier this week.

    Your blog looks great!

    Love the daily bee keeping fact.

  2. lust saying that i read every post, love your bee info, and will someday be a beekeeper myself!

  3. It looks as though we're in Dogwood winter. And we still have Blackberry to go too.
    I agree with The Luddite. I like the new look on your blog.

  4. Thanks to The Luddite and James for the compliment on the new look of my blog! After two years it was time for a change. And it took me two day to figure out the Blogger settings! I appreciate you noticing! :)

    Pat: Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog! I'm always glad to hear from new readers! And good luck when you get your own bees! Believe me, you'll love it and wish you'd done it sooner! Hope to hear from you again!



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