Saturday, May 21, 2011

Calling Ranger Smith! Yogi Bear raids a bee hive in my county!

Not so long ago, I read a news report that said the bears are now waking from their long winter slumbers.  And like many humans, they probably wake up, mmmm, hungry as a bear!  That means they get up, yawn, scratch themselves some, then decide to scrounge around for something to eat.  I think bears are like a lot of humans.  They're not always particular what they eat.  You know how it goes; you wake up and in a fit of hunger, then you eat the first thing you find. 

But the last thing most humans would do would be to raid a bee hive with thousands of angry and confused bees.  Bears? They're not so particular.

Just this week I read that my friends Jessica and Glenn over at The Beneficial Bee had their bee hive ravaged by a bear.  And then tonight one of our local television stations reported that a bear got into a local beekeepers hive in Madison, North Carolina.

While the town of Madison is rather rural and almost 19 miles from me on the other side of the county, its still a little close for any kind of bear sightings. Especially when they're getting into bee hives!    

I guess I'm thankful I live in a bigger city in the county and my bee hives are behind my house.  But to be honest, I've seen a bunch of deer in my neighbor's yard at their apple tree, so I guess that's no guarantee that a bear wouldn't wander around here too.

So like Ranger Smith keeping an eye out for Yogi Bear and Boo Boo as they try to snatch a "pic-a-nic" basket -- I guess all of us Rockingham County beekeepers will have to keep a closer eye on all of our bee hives.

I'll be happy if the bears will just stay in Jellystone Park!

Here's the story that was broadcast on our local Fox affiliate, WGHP!       


  1. Thanks for the link, Mark. I guess it is bear season all over the place. Our bees are doing okay, but I doubt we will have very much honey this year (again). I loved watching the local story and hearing that great accent!

  2. enjoyed the video clip. hoping your apiary continues to sleep soundly at night!



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